PVC Redesigned Report


Following the February 2019 PVC Whitewater workshop and ‘PVC Redesigned’ competition, MaDE collaborator the British Plastics Federation (BPF) has published a Report showcasing these innovative circular economy solutions.

Sustainability is an important aspect to the BPF and its VinylPlus UK group. Having seen the vinyl sector grow its environmental credentials tremendously over the last couple of decades, looking beyond recycling was an exciting challenge. The concept of reuse is a valuable aspect of a circular economy due to the lack of mechanical processing required to utilise products at their end of life.

By collaborating with IOM3 and MaDE, the BPF was able to tap into the creative minds of design students to produce innovative results on how vinyl products could be reused in the future. Continuing the efforts of the industry sector to support a circular economy will always be a key task for the BPF and this competition has opened up exciting avenues for PVC products.

For further information contact Matt Davies, British Plastics Federation.
e: mdavies@bpf.co.uk t: 0207 457 5000 or visit: https://www.bpf.co.uk/

Download the report here