MaDE Event Archive 2005-23

2021 -23

MaDE Talks & Materials Clinic at New Designers 22 & 23

TFI Hackathon at Materials Research Exchange 22

Design for Sustainability Talk at New Designers 21
Part of the ND Educates online programme, July 2021

Design for Sustainable Plastics and Virtual Stand at GRIPS 21
March 2021, online


Sustainability, Design & Entrepreneurship Talks at New Designers 20
Part of the ND Educates online programme, July 2020

D-STEM & Maker Talks programme at Materials Research Exchange 20
18-20 February 2020, Business Design Centre, London


Industry Talks & Materials Clinic at New Designers 19
3-4 July 2019, Business Design Centre, London

PVC ReDesigned Student Competition
15 February 2019, IOM3, UK-wide

Finance Security Whitewater Workshop
14 February 2019, IOM3, London


Materials for Design Challenge at New Designers 18
6-7 July 2018, Business Design Centre, London

Design Challenge at Materials Research Exchange 18
12-13 March 2018, Business Design Centre, London

PVC Whitewater Workshop
24 January 2018, IOM3 Grantham


MaDE at New Designers 17
6 July 2017, BDC, London

MaDE Partnership Launch
23 May 2017, IOM3

3D Roundtable with Phil Reeves, Stratasys
9 March 2017, Digits2Widgets, London


3M Innovation Centre Industry Visit
2 December 2016, Bracknell

KTN at New Designers 2016
7-8 July 2016

  • Industry reception
  • Design for dementia talk
  • 3D Design Freedom talk
  • 3D Material Choices talk
  • Materials, Technology & Design Clinic

Pilot Innovation Panel for dementia-friendly products
30 March 2016

Annual lecture – Sir Kenneth Grange in conversation
9 February 2016


Materials & design for Alzheimer’s symposium
18 November 2015

KTN at New Designers 2015
2-3 July 2015

  • KTN workshops
  • Industry Reception
  • Talks
  • Materials & design clinic

MaDE Roundtable with Priestman Goode & Seymour Powell
9 June 2015


Impact protection workshop
26 November 2014, London

Materials & design talks at New Designers 
4 July 2014, London

Sustainable building facades – Whitewater innovation workshop with Arup
24 June 2014, London

Design innovation for the circular economy
19 June 2014, Jaguar Land Rover Gaydon Centre, Warwickshire

DMI Night Out with MaDE
21 May 2014, London, KTN

MaDE Annual Lecture with Sebastian Conran
25 March 2014, London


Additive Manufacturing – Will Ceramic and Glass Powders miss out?
19 March 2014, London

Launch of InnoMatNet best practice case studies
21 Jan 2014, Brussels

MaDE – ELV Whitewater innovation workshop with Jaguar Land Rover
30 Jan 2014, Rotherham


DMI Night Out with MaDE
10 December 2013, IOM3

DMI Night Out with MaDE
8 July 2013, IOM3

InnoMatNet Summer School 2013
3-5 July 2013, IOM3 & New Designers

New Life for Old student competition
1 March 2013, Loughborough University


Additive Manufacture Industry Briefing
5 Dec 2012, Exeter, UK
Seminar on additive manufacturing realities and design possibilities, in collaboration with EEF and Exeter University CALM

Autopsy! The MaDE Project for End of Life Vehicles
11 Jun 2012, Grantham, UK
Seminar & workshop with Jaguar Landrover on design for vehicle disassembly and re-use

Making it from Metal
10 May 2012, London, UK
MaDE Workshop giving an overview of metal processing

Inspiring Matter
02-03 April 2012, London, UK
International conference ringing together designers, scientists, artists and humanities people working with materials (RCA)


21st Century Pint
17 Nov 2011, London UK

Nano4Sport: Introducing Designers to Micro and Nano Technologies
21 Sep 2011, London, UK
MaDE sponsored Nano KTN event

Mattress! Whitewater event
19 Jul 2011, Grantham, UK
Seminar & workshop on mattress design for disassembly

RightWeight 2
28 Feb 2011, London, UK
Second MaDE seminar on weight in design

Designing out Landfill
17-21 Jan 2011, The Netherlands

Materials at Risk
20 Jan 2011, London, UK


Student Design Competition – next generation protective police helmets
30 Nov 2010, London, UK

Composite Compositions – How Composite Materials Inspire Innovative Design
18 Nov 2010, London, UK

21st Century Pint
17 Nov 2010, London, UK

RightWeight 1
15 Nov 2010, London, UK
First of two seminars on weight in design

Metal Theft
4 Nov 2010, London, UK
Workshop on ways of preventing or detering metal theft, in particular copper cable.

Waste – A Challenge for Society
Sep 2010, London, UK

MaDE on a Bus – Recycling
28 Sep 2010, UK

Programme (pdf), MADE Article (pdf)

Macro-packaging Minimisation – the Big Stuff
21 Sep 2010, Grantham, UK
This workshop highlighted best design practice in large packaging systems used in the transport sector

Natural Materials in Construction
29 Jun 2010, London, UK

Materials KTN World Cup Exhibition
28 Jun – 31 Jul 2010, London, UK
Exhibition showing the evolution of materials and design within football to coincide with the World Cup

MADE In Future 2
7 June 2010, London, UK
Smart materials fashion show at the House of Lords

Design Bugs Out Materials Audit
24 Feb 2010, Grantham, UK
A showcase of the prototypes created for the Design Bugs Out programme

MADE FORUM on Materials Resources for Art, Design & Business
5 Feb 2010, London, UK
Seminar on the role and future of Materials Libraries and Services

Moving design upstream in Research and Development
20 Jan 2010, London, UK


MADE in Future
1 December 2009, Milan, Italy
MaDE organised smart materials event with leading fashion industry figures

Polymers for Life
26 Nov 2009, Swansea, UK
A workshop about polymers for designers

Digital Manufacturing – from the idea to the finished product
6 Oct 2009, London, UK

Recycled and Reused Clothing
21 – 27 Sep 2009, London, UK
Launch of Materials KTN – MADE exhibit

MaDEConnections Picnic
29 Jun 2009, London, UK

Designing Out Landfill
15 Jun 2009, London, UK
This high profile conference focused on the innovative solutions that clothing designers & brands have developed.

Biomimetics  – Nature Did It First
8 Jun 2009, Bristol, UK
This event aimed to increase the knowledge of Product Designers as to what is now possible with new materials.

MaDE Secondment Report, Colebrook Bosson Saunders
1 Jun 2009, London, UK

Grantham Art & Design Materials Experiments
24 Apr 2009, Grantham, UK

Materials for a Safer World
23 Apr 2009, London, UK
The third Annual Meeting of the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network included a MaDE organised Home Office contribution

Plastics: Greener than you might think
24 Mar 2009, Manchester, UK

Digital Manufacturing: from the idea to the finished product
10 Mar 2009, London, UK

Recycling Christmas
27 Jan 2009, London, UK

Biomimetics: Nature’s Solutions – the Answer to Designers’ Questions
13 Jan 2009, London, UK

Aircraft Seating WhiteWater event
2009, UK
Seminar & workshop with Virgin Atlantic on weight reduction in aircraft seating

SWIG – Safe Ways in Glass


Steel – the choice of design
27 Nov 2008, Cardiff, UK

Materials and Safety in Product Design
12 Nov 2008, Loughborough, UK

After the Big Idea
28 Oct 2008, London, UK
MaDE workshop, in association with ideas21, examining the process of successfully bringing a product to market.

Interplas 2008 – Design & innovation with polymers
30 Sep 2008 – 02 Oct 2008, Birmingham, UK
MaDE session at the UK’s only pan-plastics and rubber exhibition.

Materials for designers in the modern built environment
25 Sep 2008, London, UK
Examining materials for use in the built environment

New Materials and Technologies
22 Sep 2008, London, UK
MaDE collaboration on a joint UCL/KCL seminar series supported by ESRC. Part of London Design Week 2008.

Sustainability Lecture at the RSA
22 Sep 2008, London, UK
Professor Michael Braungart in conversation with Philip Ball (Design Council)

The Materials Experiments
19 Sep 2008, London, UK
An afternoon of materials experiments at the Royal College of Art, inspired by the Lunar Society of Birmingham

Another side of Fashion: The Fashion for Smart Materials
18 -19 Sep 2008, London, UK

Natural Composites
17 Sep 2008, London, UK
MADE Workshop during London Design Festival about natural composites.

Making the Most of Wood
16 Sep 2008, London, UK
MADE Workshop during London Design Festival about wood.

What’s Your Poison Served In?
16 Sep 2008, London, UK
An evening research event looking at what drinks are served in, and how safe the materials used are.

Temporary Structures Exhibition
15-23 Sep 2008, London, UK
MADE Temporary Exhibition of Temporary Structures

MaDE at the London Design Festival 2008
13-23 Sept 2008, London, UK

Materials from Nature
30 Jul 2008, London, UK

What Wood You Use?
30 Jul 2008, London, UK

Designing out Crime – the Materials Advantage
24 Jun 2008, London, UK

Protecting What’s Yours
24 Jun 2008, London, UK

Materials and Design for Disability
14 May 2008, London, UK

New Materials, New Technologies: Innovation, Future and Society
12 May 2008

Textiles and Clothing Sustainability
1 May 2008, London, UK

Materials in Art & Design Education
25 April 2008, London, UK
Seminar on materials innovation within design education (RCA)

Natural Materials Conference
7 Mar 2008, London, UK

Beating Around The Bush
6 Mar 2008, London, UK
Workshop looking at materials from nature

MADE at the Surface Design Show 2008
4-6 Mar 2008, London, UK

Waste Not! Want Not!
26 February 2008, London, UK

Collaboration: Where materials and design meet
7 Feb 2008, London UK
A MaDEConnections event bring RCA and Imperial College students together around materials innovation (RCA)

Aluminium in the Living Environment
31 January 2008, London, UK


Another Side of Fashion Lecture Series – The Fashion Context
12 Dec 2007, London, UK

BUGZ – antibacterial materials
31 Oct 2007, London, UK

Manufacturing Reinvented – Additive manufacture and a second industrial revolution
25 Sep 2007, London, UK
Major inter-disciplinary conference on designing with 3D or digital manufacturing (RCA)

Launch of MaDE Materials Resource Centre
24 Sept 2007, London, UK

Another Side to Fashion
20 Sept 2007, London, UK

Shedding Light on the Matter – Illumination – Making a difference with advanced materials
19 Sept 2007, London, UK
Part of London Design Week 2007

Ceramics in the Kitchen
19 Sept 2007, London, UK
Part of London Design Week 2007

Creativity and the Computer Controlled Age
17 Sept 2007, London, UK
Part of London Design Week 2007

MaDE at the London Design Festival 2007
17-25 Sept 2007, London, UK

Materials in Bicycle Design Conference
6 Jul 2007, London, UK

De-CONSTRUCT: Re-CONSTRUCT – Innovation in bicycle materials and design summer school
4-5 Jul 2007, London, UK
UK-wide bicycle design summer school (RCA)

Working with Nature
6 Jun 2007, London, UK

Materials meets Design at the Materials KTN AGM  2007
24 April 2007, London, UK
Keynote speech by designer Sebastian Conran at the Materials KTN Annual Meeting plus MaDE seminar on 3D manufacturing – Making Quick Work of Things.

Bio Mimicry, materials and design innovation
19 Apr 2007, London, UK
MaDEConnections seminar on bio mimicry, with students from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College (RCA)

Pitfalls in Plastics
17 Apr 2007, London, UK

Adriana Monk Lecture at the Design Council
20 March 2007, London UK
High profile lecture on materials and design at Jaguar

Creative Learning Presentation to Design Colleges
20 March 2007, London UK
MaDE presentation to design colleges representatives including IOM3’s educational awards 2007/8.

MaDE at the Surface Design Show 2007
7-8 March 2007, London, UK
MaDE exhibited and spoke to designers about the Materials KTN.

Working with Nature
8 Feb 2007, London, UK

Green Polymers Workshop
7 Feb 2007, London UK

Ballet Shoes SPARK Award
2007, London, UK


Prison Mattresses Whitewater event
30 Nov 2006, London, UK
Seminar & workshop on mattress innovation and public procurement

Nanotechnology – Is Small Beautiful?
22 November 2006, London, UK

Over the Horizon
29 Nov 2006, London, UK

Materialise Forum 2
26 Sep 2006
Seminar at the Royal College of Art involving designers, scientists and artists

100% Detail Show
21-24 Sept 2006, London, UK

Official Launch of MaDE
July 2006, House of Lords, London, UK


At the Heart of the Matter
1 Dec 2005, London, UK
Medical devices workshop

Nanotechnology – is small beautiful?
22 Nov 2005, London, UK

Getting the Right Finish
25 October 2005, London, UK
Finishing processes workshop

On the Horizon
6 October 2005, London, UK
Future trends workshop

Materialise Forum 1
27 Sep 2005, London UK
RCA seminar involving designers, scientists and artists

Smart Materials & Packaging Workshop
14 July 2005, London, UK

New Forming Methods / Developing Shape
28 June 2005, London, UK

Green Construction
24 May 2005, London, UK
Sustainability in construction workshop