The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

297 Euston Road, London NW1 3AD Tel: 020 7451 7300

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) is a major international engineering institution which exists to promote and develop all aspects of materials science and engineering. IOM3 is a leading authority in the worldwide materials and mining community, with interests encompassing the complete materials cycle, from exploration and extraction, characterisation, processing, forming, finishing and application, to product recycling and land reuse.

IOM3 has long recognised the important networking relationship that must exist between the product design and materials communities. To this end, IOM3 was a founding member of the Materials and Design Exchange and has supported its various activities from its early beginnings in 2006.

IOM3 provides professional accreditation and qualifications, training and professional development. Numbering over 18,000 individuals worldwide, members come from a variety of backgrounds, from students to company chief executives. Members qualify for different grades of membership, ranging from Affiliate to Fellow, depending on academic qualifications and professional experience. Our professional development programme helps contribute to members’ career enhancement towards senior grades of membership, as well as Chartered Engineer (CEng), Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) status.

IOM3 offers its members library and information services, professional and academic publications, technical conferences, training courses, members’ magazines, prestige London headquarters, regional offices, and a network of local societies.

The IOM3 Industry Affiliate Scheme (IAS) is designed to support companies in the selection and use of appropriate materials and processes for innovative products and services. IAS offers organisations the benefits of IOM3 membership along with access to its unrivalled knowledge and understanding of engineering materials and their processing.

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